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Do's and Don't When Closing on a Home Loan

Coming upon the closing of your home loan is an exciting time in your life and you are probably anxious and ready to get into your home. Although you want the process to go faster, it is important that you are patient.


My team and I are dedicated to helping you through the process and we can advise you on what you should be doing during the process. There are a few things you should be aware of to help make everything flow as smoothly as possible.

Some people do not realize that a change in your credit report can completely jeopardize your mortgage loan. Lenders can check your loan at the beginning of the process and then check it again before the loan closes to verify information. Recent changes to the report can cause problems for you when your loan is ready to close.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Mortgage Loan Approval


DO ask questions, don't assume.


DO respond quickly to the lender for documentation.


DO check with your loan officer before making a major purchase



DO NOT apply for any type of credit. Avoid any offers you receive.


DO NOT pull your credit report or have anyone else pull your credit.


DO NOT move money between your accounts without speaking with us first.


DO NOT close any current credit accounts.

DO NOT make any large unexplained deposits into your account during the process.


DO NOT use your current credit cards for any expense other than that which is customary and usual.


DO NOT change your employment or give any letters of resignation until after your loan is closed and funded.


My team and I are committed to closing your loan on time, but we need your help in this as well.


If you think there is something that may affect your loan before it closes, call me right away.


Keep Your Loan Protected with These Tips

Protect your home loan today and don’t do anything to put your approval in jeopardy.

Need to talk about the loan process? Call us today at:

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Tami Carr


I have the pleasure of working with Tami Carr almost on a daily basis. As an active, successful realtor in Lee County, Florida, I have the need to pre-approve many potential buyers. Tami answers the phone when I call, I rarely go to voicemail, she takes my buyer contact information, and calls the client immediately. Tami updates me on the buyers ability to purchase quickly. This communication allows me to maximize my time with my buyers and address their specific needs. Sometimes that means we do not begin to shop because there are a few things that need to be addressed. If we do not begin to shop, Tami's work does not stop. The diligence continues as she helps guide the potential buyer in making the needed corrections to the credit to facilitate a timely transaction in the future. I am pleased to recommend Tami Carr to help you with your real estate purchase or refinance.


-Jack Lewis, Realtor, Lee County, Florida